Since the advent of the motor vehicle, technology has produced many advances toward improving passenger vehicle safety standards eg; seat belts airbags, ABS, intrusion bars, and traction control to name a few

Motorcycles have also benefited from technology and new age materials as manufacturers continually produce lighter and faster machinery to satisfy consumer demand.  However, today’s modern motorcycle has yet to receive a basic Safety System as standard equipment

Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than other motor vehicle accidents and result in significant costs to the community. In Australia, Government funded studies estimate that the risk of serious injury or death whilst riding a motorcycle is 20-34 times greater than any other road going vehicle, whilst a motorcycle accident is four times more likely to result in a fatality than is a car accident

The major factor contributing to this frightening statistic is a motorcyclist’s lack of visibility on the road, and off the road following an accident, with post crash exposure responsible for seven out of ten single vehicle fatalities

A global study commissioned by the Victorian Government Transport Accident Commission titled "Intelligent Transport Systems & Motorcycle Safety" identifies the latest motorcycle safety systems with potential to enhance road safety

Author Monash University Accident Research Centre contacted over 700 individuals throughout government academia and industry in Australia Austria Belgium Denmark France Holland Japan Sweden USA and UK. The report concluded "World First" Xtreme Beam® Safety System could have a significant effect on crash prevention, including reducing severity by decreasing critical post crash exposure Please review Testimonials

Quote: "This is one of few ITS devices that has been specifically designed for motorcycles"

Early detection of an accident can be the difference between life and death. Of critical importance following a vehicle crash are for individuals to receive immediate emergency medical attention within the “Golden Hour”. It is critical to quickly identify a person that has sustained injury and transport the victim to hospital. The speed of medical attention has a direct impact on subsequent recovery and long-term rehabilitation

 Xtreme Beam® Rider is revolutionary motorcycle Safety System that will save lives. So whether the motorcyclist has stopped on the side of the road, is unconscious in the path of an oncoming vehicle or is off the road and out of the general view of passing motorists, Xtreme Beam® Rider will attract the attention of other motorists and emergency service personnel and will minimise the possibility of a further accident and subsequent injury or death

Xtreme Beam® Rider improves the visibility of motorcyclist and protects their survival space by:

  • Prevention of accidents by improving visibility of motorcyclist in low light or adverse weather 

  • Reduction of post-accident exposure by improving the visibility of motorcyclist in the path of on-coming vehicles or off the road and out of sight to other road users

  •  Enabling the identification of crash location using GPS/SMS family and friends 

XTREME BEAM® Rider offers instant survival space protection, features include                                                                                                                        

  • 12/24 Volt                                                                            
  • Low power consumption  
  • Eliminates side-on blind spot
  • Manual /Automatic activation                               
  • instantly Improves rider visibility
  • Visible from 360° at great distances
  • Optional GPS / GPRS Emergency Alert
  • Will not blind or dazzle oncoming vehicles
  • Improves visibility of roadway below motorcycle