Xtreme Beam®Technology increases vehicle safety whilst safeguarding occupants survival space by:

  • Accident prevention        

Increasing the visibility of the vehicle on the roadway during low light or adverse weather conditions

  • Reduction of post-accident exposure

Increasing the visibility of vehicle involved in an accident either in the path of on-coming vehicles or off the road and out of sight to other road users

  • Identification of vehicle and crash location

Incorporating V2V, GPS/GPRS Early Warning Alert 










Patented Xtreme Beam® Technology is an application suited to all vehicles by improving vehicle safety in the motorsport and automotive industries, offering an unmatched solution that ensures high performance for every application. Xtreme Beam® Technology incorporates state of the art surface mount LED capability. Given the small size and powerful output, Xtreme Beam® Safety System Hazard Warning lights are strategically mounted in several positions within the surrounding vehicle frame. Advanced electronics constantly monitor vehicle movement and stability

Following an accident, Xtreme Beam® Safety System automatically protects occupant’s survival space by instantly producing a flashing pool of amber light around the vehicle. The high-powered standout effect is seen from 360º at great distances. Pre-programmed Emergency Alert can target various destinations including encroaching vehicles. A major feature of the Xtreme Beam® Technology is ease of implementation. Including a wide range of optional features comprising of a Wireless Network not reliant upon any external systems or infrastructure. Xtreme Beam® Safety System optional alert features include:

  • SMS
  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)                       
  • Manual/Automatic activation


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