Emergency Response



During Search and Rescue, the ability to quickly locate a vehicle during low light or adverse weather is greatly diminished. The opposite is true for exponents of Xtreme Beam® Technology

Early detection of an accident can be the difference between life and death. Of critical importance following a vehicle crash are for individuals to receive immediate emergency medical attention within the “Golden Hour”. It is critical to quickly identify a person that has sustained injuries and transport the victim to hospital. The speed of medical attention has a direct impact on subsequent recovery and long-term rehabilitation.The Bureau of Transport Economics has estimated the cost to the community of each road fatality to be $1.5 million

A global study commissioned by the Victorian Government Transport Accident Commission titled "Intelligent Transport Systems & Motorcycle Safety" identifies the latest vehicle safety systems with potential to enhance road safety

Author Monash University Accident Research Centre contacted over 700 individuals throughout government academia and industry in Australia Austria Belgium Denmark France Holland Japan Sweden USA and UK. The report concluded "World First" Xtreme Beam® Safety System could have a significant effect on crash prevention, including reducing severity by decreasing critical post crash exposure. Please review Testimonials

Quote: "The conspicuity enhancing effect of this system both pre and post crash could have significant effects in reducing crash occurrence, specifically failure to see crashes, and in reducing the severity of crashes by decreasing critical response time, particularly in rural and night time crashes where the vehicle may be difficult to locate"  


Xtreme Beam® Safety System instantly protects occupants survival space by emitting a high-powered flashing pool of amber light around the vehicle, visible from 360º at great distances. The robust and waterproof Xtreme Beam® features Manual or Automatic roll-over activation. Latest generation low power under-chassis LED units remain protected in accidents where conventional vehicle lighting systems are damaged or destroyed  

So whether a vehicle has stopped in the path of oncoming vehicles or is off the road and out of the general view, Xtreme Beam® Safety System will attract the attention of other motorists and emergency service personnel. Minimising the possibility of a further accident and subsequent injury or death

Xtreme Beam® Safety System high-visibility standout effect and early warning GPS/GPRS Emergency Alert offers unprecedented vehicle protection