Commercial Fleet


Simple to mount, under-chassis Xtreme Beam® Safety System is waterproof and robust in design and remains protected in accidents where the conventional vehicle lighting systems are damaged or destroyed. Unlike costly roof mounted light bars, the transferable Xtreme Beam® Safety System is applicable to all vehicles. Importantly, will not hinder personnel field of vision nor blind or dazzle oncoming road users

Xtreme Beam® Safety System creates a unique high powered amber strobe effect around the vehicle, visible from 360° and from great distances. Instantly protecting occupant survival space by creating an optical diversion that cannot be ignored by the eye's foveal vision

Xtreme Beam® Safety System advanced electronics conduct 30 millisecond diagnostic system check, reducing standby power consumption to 5 milliamps per hour. Inbuilt 4 way tilt sensors constantly measure vehicle lean angle, if the vehicle exceeds a predetermined lean angle (roll-over) inbuilt sensors automatically activate high-powered under-chassis lighting system. Optional features include back to base GPS/GPRS Emergency Alert


Establishing optimum visibility around a vehicle during low light or adverse conditions is essential especially during periods heightened activity 

With a flick of a switch Xtreme Beam® powerful under chassis safety work light system produces a brilliant white light around the vehicle The safety work light system can operate in conjunction with flashing amber Hazard /Emergency light 

Xtreme Beam® Safety System universal application includes Cars,Trucks, ATV, Agriculture 

  • IP67 
  • 12/24 Volt
  • Low power consumption
  • LED colour Amber / White  
  • Visible from 360° at great distances
  • Optional GPS / GPRS Emergency Alert 
  • Will not blind or dazzle oncoming vehicles
  • Eliminates covert lighting side-on blind spot
  • Improves visibility around and below Vehicle
  • Improves visibility of personnel beside vehicle
  • Rollover Protection automatic activation if vehicle rolls over onto side 
  • Improved working conditions – eliminates spot blindness caused by roof mounted light bars

Xtreme Fleet GPS/GPRS Tracking is 100% Web-based, so there is no software to install. Track your vehicles no matter where you are free of any service charge or on going monthly fees

Xtreme® Beam Safety System GPS/GPRS features include                                                                          

  • Auto tracking via SMS
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Water proof and dust-resistant
  • Reply Map link of current position
  • Real-time tracking by SMS/GPRS        
  • Free Real time Web online tracking  
  • High sensitivity Internal GPS & GSM antenna